Aftercare instructions provide your best information for taking care of your new cosmetic treatment. These steps are carefully put together in order to help you get the best results you can possibly get.

Day 1-3: Wash treated area 4x per day with a mild cleanser, pat dry.

Apply a rice grain size amount of our provided ointment ONLY when the area is dry, itchy, or feeling like it needs some soothing.

Day 4-7 Keep the treated area out of direct water for the first week, if possible.

Skin/scabs will fall off naturally so trying to remove them before they naturally slough off will result in poor pigment retention, impacting your permanent makeup investment.  So please no picking, scratching or pulling off whatsoever.  Please trust us on this.

Remember, the area will look different each day as it goes through the healing cycle. We cannot make any judgements on results until 4-6 weeks passed.  We realize the healing stages might be inconvenient and challenging, but please trust the healing process.

We can make adjustments as needed at your touch up appointment. That is the entire reason we want to see you again!